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My personal experience, the good and the bad, with Monat hair care products.


I have tons of friends and family that ask me about my experience with Monat, and what I REALLY think about it. It’s not a secret that I’m a Monat Market Partner, but my experience with the hair care line hasn’t been exactly what I thought it would be! Read on to see what I’m talking about..

It’s been a little while since I updated this post, and I definitely think it’s TIME! I am almost to year TWO of using Monat hair products, and I’m move in love with them than ever! I did updated progress photos a month or so ago, so I’m going to post those here at the beginning! You can read on below to see the full original post on my experience!

First, a little reminder of how my hair started out two years ago..


This is why I can’t stop talking about these products! Yall.. almost TWO YEARS in, and I’ve had nothing but wonderful experiences with these products. When I first started using these, I was just hoping my hair would look better, but I had NO IDEA, that changing my shampoo and hair care products would result in this kind of success. If you’ve been thinking about trying these, DON’T WAIT.. Because all you’re doing is holding yourself back from amazing hair! Message me for samples, or to get started.


So, I had been following a couple of other photographer’s and influencers on social media for some time, and had seen them posting about this new hair care line they were using that literally was TRANSFORMING their hair. I wasn’t sure if this was just some type of marketing gimmick, or what, but I had been struggling to grow my hair since having my daughter Sophia 4 years prior. In my 20’s I had no trouble growing my hair, and it was always the #1 thing that anyone I met complimented me on! My hair was blonde, long, and full, curled easily, and I LOVED it! Fast forward to the beginning of my 30’s, and the birth of my first child, and I cut it all off in a cute angled “lob”, because, wasn’t that what all new mom’s did? I loved having the easy, short, and trendy hair, but most of my life I loved having long hair, and decided after a couple of years, that I was ready to grow it back out again… No problem, right? Wrong.

Suddenly growing my hair out, wasn’t as easy as it had been in my 20’s and I STRUGGLED, big time! Keep moving forward, and at 34, I had my second daughter, and my hair was just toast. It was still blonde (now more so from bleach than naturally), and it was THIN… So thin, and it would grow to about my shoulders, before it just starting breaking and stringing, and looking horrible. The only way my hair would look decent, is if I kept it above shoulder length, and even that was starting to look pathetic. I just chalked it up to kids, hormone changes, and the fact that our skin (and our hair) age as we grow older.

So next came the era of EXTENSIONS. Now, I am NOT knocking extensions, I think hair extensions are fabulous! I tried clip ins, glue-in’s, the Halo, bead in extensions, tape-in extensions.. I did it all. And when I was wearing extensions, I felt like the OLD Salome.. They made me feel younger, more womanly, and beautiful… Only, they didn’t last. They hurt, they grew out, they got itchy, stringy, they were expensive, and hard to maintain as a busy mom of two girls, and busy photographer. I loved the Halo because it was easy to take in and out, but it also wasn’t realistic to put them in ALL the time, so some weeks at church I would have long mermaid hair, and some weeks my hair would be short, and people would ask me if I got a hair cut that week… Extensions were great for a short time, but I always would get tired of the maintenance, and also just feeling like it wasn’t “me”. They weren’t authentic, and for me, that was a hard thing to get used to.


So here I am at this point, 4 years after having Sophia, now at 38 years old, and I’m trying hair vitamins, collagen pills, collagen in my coffee, biotin in everything, oil treatments.. Pinterest growing your hair hacks.. Salon shampoo’ s that were supposed to be wonderful for my hair health. I was trying whatever I could, except my hair always looked the SAME. I think people just assumed I really liked the “just above shoulder” mom cut, because I had my hair like that for so many years, but my hair was only that way because that’s as far as I could get it!

Fast forward to the beginning of this LONG story, and the influencers I was following on Instagram posting about Monat Global, and their before and afters with their own hair, and I decided.. I’m going to do it. I’m going to try THIS. What did I have to lose at this point? I was washing my hair anyway, right? Also, something I haven’t mentioned yet, is that my oldest daughter, Ella, had ALWAYS struggled to have healthy looking hair. She was 8 years old, and my 4 year old younger daughter had more hair than she did. And although my youngest daughter has always had TONS of hair, her hair was NOT in good shape. It was always a tangled mess, and just never looked pretty and healthy, even thought it was thick and long.

So there are a couple of different ways to order Monat, and I’ll be honest, I looked at maybe getting something off Ebay or Amazon, but it was very close to as expensive as just buying it from a Monat representative, AND I also couldn’t be sure it was an authentic Monat product, and I was DONE messing around with this hair situation! I ended up deciding to sign up as a Market Partner because of the discount, and the amount of products I would get would allow me and my daughters the ability to all use the products and see where it went. I wasn’t really interested in selling it, but I was SO EXCITED about the products, that I was kind of telling everyone about it, and then of course, everyone else I knew wanted to try it too, so I ended up selling it, and making my money back right away, which was AWESOME!

Now, I’ll do another post on this later, as this has been a lot longer post than I anticipated, and I’m sure you’re ready for some before and now’s! So I’ve now been using Monat for about 14 months, and I honestly won’t use anything else on my hair. Do I have 22″ Halo Extension hair? No, but is my hair the BEST hair I’ve had in my 30’s? Is my daughter’s hair the best hair they’ve had in their entire LIFE? It’s a resounding, YES! I will say what I DIDN’T expect from Monat, is how much my hair would change, and the fact that I would need to change my hair product game as I went along. So the Monat product line that I started using, is not the same systems or products that I love now. I’ve also modified and changed things with the winter, and summer, when outside conditions are sweatier, or drier, and you know what? I LOVE that Monat has an answer for EVERY hair type, and every season! As your hair grows and sheds all of the build up from years of other products, you’ll find your hair reacts different and needs different nutrients. I love that Monat has a solution for all of the progression!

Also, another thing that I wasn’t sure how it would work, is the time it takes.. Monat is NOT an overnight transformation. It gets BETTER and BETTER The longer you use it, but if you’re thinking about trying it, I would recommend that you give it SIX months of exclusive use, and then evaluate your hair. I started noticing differences in the way my hair felt, the amount of hair density, etc. within the first couple of washes/months. But the REAL transformation starts taking place, at least in mine and other’s that I know, between months 6 and 12, and beyond! So if you have just started Monat, or if you are thinking about it, commit yourself to giving it the time it needs to work it’s magic!

Ok, without further ado, here is my before, and my most recent now photos. These were taken about 9/10 months after starting Monat. I’ll also list below the system I started with, and the one I’m enjoying now! I’m going to get my hair done this week, so I’ll do an updated before/after as well!

Beginning: December 2018. – Monat Black 2+1 Shampoo, Renew Shampoo, Revitalize Conditioner, Rejuvabeads, and Rejuvanique Oil Treatments.

Now: March 2019 – Monat’s Smoothing Shampoo, & Platinum Purple Shampoo, Advanced Hydrating Conditioner, Super Moisture Masque, Rejuvanique Oil treatments, Monat Studio 1 Dry Shampoo, Blow out Cream, Monat Studio1 Thermal Heat Shield.

I’m also sharing my oldest daughter, Ella, and her Monat hair Transformation! Her hair was dry, thin, and brittle, and very hard to grow, and now it’s thick, soft, shiny, and is so long! I’m not sure how a SHAMPOO can do this, but it can, and does for so many women! I’m a Monat believer!

I didn’t really take good before “front” photo’s but these are some random snaps that I thought really illustrated the difference from the front as well, and how much growth I’ve had! These were taken from last spring, to this past winter, about 9 months in between. 🙂

Also, if you’d like more information on Monat, and a personal recommendation on the products I’d recommend for your hair type and issues, message me, and I’ll get you started! Or, you can shop, or sign up here. All of my VIP clients and Market Partner clients get personal recommendations, access to flash sales, discounts of up to 30% off of retail, free shipping, free product, and more! Plus, I offer personal help, advice, stock photography, and training for all of my Market Partners! Visit my page and take my hair quiz here: Salome Photo Monat



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