April 2020 Desktop Wallpapers

Hello April! I think this April is a little different than any most of us have experienced in our lifetime… I know that everyone is feeling uncertain, and unsure of our futures, but I just would encourage everyone to stay positive. Focus on ONE THING good every day, even if everything else seems to be out of sorts. Focus on at least one thing good, something that is sure, and dwell on that whenever you feel like you’re lost.

April is the national month of HOPE and I think this April that is more important than ever before. Don’t lose your HOPE, don’t lose your faith, when others want to fall back, be their encouragement and move your neighbor forward. Spend time in prayer, in self reflection, and in building yourself up so that you can build your family and your community up too.

And along with that, here are some fun, pretty desktop backgrounds that I found from across the web to at least make your desktop look a little brighter.

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